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Our Mission : To offer an excellent product which will enable our customers to expand their talents, invite inspiration, and encourage family values. Offer a variety of designs, books and other tools for increased customer creativity. 

Our Promise: Use integrity in our work and product to offer the best value for our customers. Trust in God for inspiration, innovation and to foster a caring attitude for others. Search for new opportunities to serve the customer and our community.We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. Even if you didn’t buy anything today, we hope you at least had plenty of ideas come to mind. Please visit again, we are constantly increasing our designs and expanding your possibilities. 

Looking to try something different? Check out this Tiara and Candy Stripe Whole-Cloth! Below are the links to get each design element of this whole-cloth. Or get all the designs you need in the Tiara Special.

Tiara and Candy Stripe Whole-Cloth

Outside border: Button Loops border set.
Second border, Candy Stripe Border Set (included in Candy Stripe Set): Candy Stripe Set.
Third border, Tiara 4 Rectangle and Tiara 4 Block: Tiara Little Sister Set .
Setting Triangles and Block: Candy Stripe Set.
Side Triangles, Candy Stripe 20x10 horizontal (Included in Candy Stripe Set): Candy Stripe Set.

Need a smaller project, try Tiara Candle Mat or Tablecloth? Tiara Extra Set. 

(Tiara Candle Mat is two pieces so that you can make it twice as large as your throat space.)

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